Product Development


Flintshire Precision Engineering will work closely with you on the development of new products and also the improvement of existing ones. This has helped to shorten manufacture time, reduce costs and improve the end product.

Services Provided

We can provide you with the following quality services:

  • Development – Working together to turn your ideas into reality.
  • Problem Solving – Working together to solve issues.
  • Prototyping – Manufacturing of working prototypes.
  • Production Run – Manufacturing the completed design.

How we can help you.

Flintshire Precision Engineering will provide you with the engineering expertise needed to help develop your product.

Providing an efficient, high quality, cost effective service from concept to delivery ensuring that your needs are fully met, with prompt delivery to the agreed timescale. Industries served include Aerospace, oil, automotive, alternative energy and electronics as well as working closely with smaller innovative companies.

Contact us with your enquiry by calling us on 01244 288144 or leave your details in our ‘ask the expert’ section and one of our experienced engineers will get back to you. Alternately contact us via our ‘get a quote’ section.